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Auf dem Lahnradweg durch Diez



June 07, 2022 · Community
How is the status near Cramberg? Can one stay by the river? I read there were planning some construction works

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The status for the steep part of the Lahnradweg cycle route near Holzappel village is, in short: Work in progress. You can find all the details in this notice, here in the "Current Information" section: Lahnradweg Cycle Track - Steep near Holzappel - Alternative (sorry, it doesn´t incorporate the direkt link to the english version of the condition. After clicking on the link, please replace the /de/ in the url with /en/, to get to the english version. Or change the language via the menu in the footer of the page.)
Die Bauarbeiten, mit denen die Radweg-Lücke zwischen Balduinstein und Laurenburg geschlossen werden soll, laufen zur Zeit. Alle aktuellen Informationen dazu finden Sie jederzeit im Reiter "Aktuelle Infos", hier im Tourendatensatz.
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