• Auf dem Windwanderweg Hilchenbach
    Auf dem Windwanderweg Hilchenbach Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e. V.
  • Blick von der Ginsburg
    Blick von der Ginsburg Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e. V.
  • Siegen-Wittgenstein - Freudenberg,-Alter Flecken
    Siegen-Wittgenstein - Freudenberg,-Alter Flecken Photo: Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e. V.
  • Siegen-Wittgenstein - Schloss Bad Berleburg
    Siegen-Wittgenstein - Schloss Bad Berleburg Photo: Outdooractive Editors
  • Wisent-Herde
    Wisent-Herde Photo: Wisent-Welt-Wittgenstein


The open countryside gives you space to breathe deeply. Encounter rare animals like the majestic bison and get close to the local wildlife. Relax near the fresh springs, the lazily meandering rivers, the two dams and the countless streams and ponds. Recharge your batteries from our natural sources.

Then the forest gives way to vistas of pretty timber frame houses, imposing castles and ancient relics of the mines. Each of our eleven local communities has its own character, yet all of them have a cultural programme to offer you – whether theatre, concerts, cinema, exhibitions or festivals. Here you can experience art with all your senses. Sometimes you encounter it out in the green countryside, for example on the WaldSkulpturenWeg, a path lined with forest sculptures near Bad Berleburg. However, if you feel like breathing city air, you are never far from Siegen with its art scene, pubs, shopping streets and university.

Siegen-Wittgenstein is also a region steeped in old customs. Here you can discover real traditions and history. We invite you to our bakery festivals, traditional fairs and Christmas markets in the peaceful old towns. We are passionate about our home. Yet at the same time, we are totally laid back. Immerse yourself in peace and quiet. Come and visit us.

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Traumhafter Ausblick über Hilchenbacher Gemarkung, das Siegerland und Wittgenstein bietet zahlreiche dieser Ausblicke ins weite Rothaargebirge
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updated 06 17, 2019
Anyone on the lookout in Siegerland and the Wittgenstein mountains will often come across true natural treasures and impressive panoramic views away from the homely villages and the towns with their ...
Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
Bad Berleburg
Treat yourself to very special nature adventure with the whole family at the Wissent-Wildnis (bison ...
Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
Long Distance Hiking


08 31, 2015
moderate Multistage tour open
155.8 km
97:00 h
2924 m
3177 m
by Katharina Schwake-Drucks,  Sauerland-Tourismus e.V.
Historical Site · Netphen

Kohlenmeiler Walpersdorf

Die Köhlerei zur Herstellung von Holzkohle hat im Siegerland eine lange Tradition. In Walpersdorf ...
by Jana Rommelmann,  Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
Historic City Center · Freudenberg

Alter Flecken Freudenberg

Eine der sehenswertesten Altstädte Südwestfalens und beliebtes Fotomotiv - der „Alte Flecken" in ...
by Cindy Peplinski,  Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
Bad Berleburg
Schloss Berleburg has an impressive fairytale ambience: Wonderful concerts, unique guided tours and ...
by Gesine Gerhard,  Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
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updated 07 08, 2019
Not to be missed! There is always something going on in our eleven communities. Be enthralled by a theatre performance, listen to the sounds of the Philharmonic Orchestra, rock along to Status Quo, ...
Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
Museum · Siegen

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen is dedicated to influential postions in contemporary art, ...
Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
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Egal, welche Art der Fortbewegung Sie wählen, die Region mit ihrer hügeligen Topographie ein Eldorado für Wanderer und Fahrradfahrer und besticht immer wieder aufs Neue mit Panoramaaussichten, die beweisen: Hier ist man der Natur ganz nah! Sie lieben die Ruhe? Dann werden Sie Hunderte Gelegenheiten finden, um Stille und Natur zu genießen, für einige Momente innezuhalten und tief durchzuatmen.

Etwa Im Quellenreich oder auf Rundwanderwegen im Halb- und Ganztagesformat: Zwölf WanderHöhepunkte links und rechts des Rothaarsteiges sowie drei zertifizierte Rothaarsteig-Spuren stellen eine attraktive Ergänzung zum bekannten Fernwanderweg dar und erzählen von Historie, Literatur, Märchen und Sagen. Und das alles umgeben von einer Landschaft, die zur Heimat des Königs der Wälder geworden ist: Die „Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig“ bei Bad Berleburg ist einzigartig in Deutschland. Dort leben die faszinierenden Riesen auf 20 Hektar in einer weitgehend naturbelassenen Umgebung. Besucher begeben sich dort auf eine spannende Entdeckungsreise.


So viel zu sehen! Aber was schafft man an einem einzigen Tag? Wir haben es für Sie getestet..

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Genussbotschafter Michael Gliss hat einen Tag Zeit die Region Siegen-Wittgenstein zu erkunden. Was er entdeckt überrascht den Großstädter, aber sehen Sie selbst...


Michael Gliss entdeckt Siegerland-Wittgenstein
Video: Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.

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Bad Berleburg

Enjoy moments of happiness in Bad Berleburg along the way. Close to nature, high-quality and full of variety: our certified hiking trails such as the slate trail, the Via Adrina, the wisent trail or the forest sculpture trail are the best of their kind. The cultural offerings are also excellent.

Bad Laasphe

Clear streams, rivers, luscious meadows, lowland mountains up to 700 m high and gentle hills, Bad Laasphe has no end of beautiful scenery to offer. We want to share this beauty with you!


We are “stone rich”, as they say in German. The “great stone”, surrounded by huge, mature trees, is shrouded in legend, while the “Wildweiberhäuschen” (“wild women’s hut”) rocks are an impressive sight, and the “Trödelsteine” made of cooled magma are wonderful to behold.


In a central location in the Rothaargebirge hills, in the middle of the Rothaarsteig trail and not far from the source of the Eder, Lahn and Sieg rivers, you’ll find Erndtebrück. It is a wonderful place for finding your own inner balance and to be in touch with nature.


The view over the “Alter Flecken” monument in Freudenberg, with its 80 or more black-and-white decorative items, is famous all over the world. You can enjoy the well-known postcard perspective from the spa park.


The climatic spa town of Hilchenbach has green hills and meadows, unspoilt forests, bubbling brooks, silent valleys and original half-timbered villages. Take a deep breath and treat yourself to some time out.


Delightful, tasteful, wonderful: the youthful town of Kreuztal surprises visitors with a wide variety of opportunities for refreshing adventure holidays or diverse day trips.


Do you love water? Then come to Netphen! The sources of the rivers Sieg, Eder and Lahn bubble up from the ridge of the Rothaargebirge mountain range. Walk, jog, skate or cycle round the vast Obernau reservoir or to hidden ponds and murmuring streams.


Experience the parish of Neunkirchen, from its highest elevations to under the ground. Hike to the basalt peak on the legendary “Hohenseelbachskopf” hill, to the Silbersee lake in a volcanic crater or to the mine, to the depths of the Wodanstolln tunnel.


The greenest town in Germany is the perfect place for strolling, shopping and people watching with its squares, shops and cafés and restaurants. The wide variety of theatres, galleries and museums makes Siegen the urban centre of the region.


 In Wilnsdorf, history comes alive. Visit the numerous stone monuments to our history, which is dominated by iron ore mining, go on a cultural historical journey in time in our museum, and experience the exciting contrast between the past and the present.

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