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Hof Kolb_Bison Famlie

Bison, wisents and a totem pole - the Wild West in the land of the Sieger

A totem pole points the way - towards Bühl. Bühl is idyllically located near the Siegerland town of Freudenberg, surrounded by a hilly, green landscape. Only 400 people live here.

They include the Kolb family. Here, the Kolbs have fulfilled their Wild West dream of setting up a western ranch. In the fields surrounding the small village of Bühl, a small herd of bison grazes alongside horses and cows with their calves.
In the Winkel Creek Saloon, visitors can refresh their dry throats during the summer months. The Canadian blockhouse is open all year round. And whoever is too tired to continue their journey can also stay overnight - in the blockhouse or, for people looking for adventure, in a North American teepee.
Every second summer, a major Indian and western fair is held on the ranch. During the winter, a western Christmas market provides entertainment in the land of the wild bison.

From “Buffalo Bühl” to the wisent forest
For anyone who can't get enough of these animals, it’s worth paying a visit to these European brothers of the bison in the Siegerland region. Right up until the early Middle Ages, the wisent lived in the primal forests in western, central and south-eastern Europe. Today, they live in Bad Berleburg.
The wisent forest is the showcase for a unique project aiming to reinstate and maintain this threatened species. The first wisent came to Bad Berleburg in 2010. The bull Egnar came to the Rothaargebirge from the Hardehausen enclosure near Warburg-Scherfede. Around three years later, after about ten years of preparatory work, the wisent group, consisting of eight animals, was released into the wild in Bad Berleburg. In the interim, the group has grown to ten members.

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