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Museums in Altenkirchen (Westerwald)

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

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Youll find yourself spoiled for choice when organizing your stay {4}. To help you, we have put together an overview of the most beautiful places to visit and attractions.
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The 10 Most Beautiful museums in Westerwald-Sieg (Landkreis Altenkirchen)

Map / Raiffeisen Museum Flammersfeld
Museum · Westerwald
Raiffeisen Museum Flammersfeld
An insight into the life of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen in the period 1848-1852, in Flammersfeld.
Heimatmuseum Daaden
Museum · Westerwald
Museum of local history of the Daaden region
"Hahnenengel"? "Hauberg"? Both terms are familiar to everyone in the Daaden region. Would you like to learn more about them? Then learn more about the Daadener Land in the local history museum.Translated with (free version)
Museum · Westerwald
museum barn
An insight into the stable, yard and parlour in the Westerwald 150 years ago.
Historisches Quartier
Museum · Westerwald
Historical quarter
Memorabilia from the Altenkirchner past.
Museum · Westerwald
Old forge & pewter figure cabinet
Original blacksmith's workshop from 1878.
Museum Kellergeschoss
Museum · Westerwald
Museum der Stadt Kirchen
Experience a chapter of the local and economic history of the Upper District of Altenkirchen in the Museum der Stadt Kirchen (Sieg) as a museum of cultural and industrial history. Exhibition areas on Hauberg, agriculture as well as house and yard illustrate the hard work of our ancestors, the hardship of everyday life on the basis of numerous tools and devices that are now often unknown. The brewery, tannery, brickworks and sawmill, the numerous mines, but above all the Friedrichshütte in Wehbach and the Arnold Jung Lokomotivfabrik, where machine tools of world renown were later built, gave people work beyond the region.Translated with  
Otto-Pfeiffer-Museum, Außenansicht
Museum · Westerwald
Otto-Pfeiffer-Museum in Kirchen-Freusburg
A permanent exhibition in the Otto Pfeiffer Museum, the old Freusburg school building, shows works by the painter Otto Pfeiffer (1882 - 1955).  Otto Pfeiffer is the son of Wilhelmina Stracke, a former Freusburg citizen.Translated with
Elvis Museum
Museum · Westerwald
Elvis - Museum
Get to know one of the most important representatives of the rock and pop culture of the 20th century, the "King of Rock 'n' Roll".
Schul- und Dorfmuseum Weyerbusch
Museum · Westerwald
Village and school museum
An insight into working forms and materials of a time determined by agriculture.
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