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Experience home with all of the senses

Five times true

If we smell rain on a warm day, it remindsus strongly of our childhood and the endlesslylong summers. If we eat somethingspecial, we think of our mother with loveand her cooking, and if we hear a particularpiece of music, wonderful images suddenlycome to mind. Many of our most vivid andbeloved memories are associated withsensory impressions.

Our many senses are something wonderfuland they want to be challenged! Lookforward to unforgettable and sensualmoments here!


Sparkling eyes

Photo: Michael Bahr
Lights down, spotlight on at the Heimhof Theatre in Burbach! Jannik Strunk always provides the right light at the appropriate angle. Since 2013, the 26-year-old has enthusiastically been operating the modern stage technology for the listed theatre: “The great thing is that the people see the old theatre in the style of the 1950s and the technology behind it is brand new!“


Smell the charcoal

Photo: Achim Meurer
The archaic smell that rises from the charcoal kilns can already be smelled from far away. The billowing smoke, which smells both cosy and exciting at the same time, reaches every nose. Reinhold Wagener is a so-called ‘black man’, a charcoal burner by tradition. The charcoal burners in his family have been producing charcoal in enormous charcoal kilns for generations.


Stags bellowing

Photo: Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW
As quiet as a mouse with ears pricked. Right by the forest, there is a powerful red deer stag and it reacts to Tasso Wolzenburg’s special call. He is one of the best stag callers in Germany and is happy to take visitors into the forest. Nature is his true passion, it is what excites him. Listening to him is inspiring, informative and fascinating.


Fresh from the bakery

Photo: Sascha Hüttenhain
Self-cut ‘Schanzen’, small bundles of brushwood, from the bakery’s own Hauberg forestry heat the ovens. The smells of dough and fire fill the room. The warm, crispy bread smells of home, which you can taste. Dirk Wunderlich is a passionate baker: Combining old traditions, fresh flavour and handicraft is his world.


With your whole body

Photo: Tanja Evers
Anyone who walks around the rose garden at Alter Friedhof Erndtebrück with Antje Laues-Oltersdorf and Renate Ludwig-Bernshausen learns to feel all over again. Over 400 varieties of roses provide sumptuous blossoms in summer: The garden hums, the blossoms glow and the historical roses give off lots of scent. Shady retreats offer places to slow down.
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