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St. Nicholas' Church

Church · Siegen
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    Photo: Dirk Herrmann, SIEGEN PULSIERT
  • / Das vergoldete Krönchen auf der Nikolaikirche in Siegen
    Photo: Dirk Herrmann, SIEGEN PULSIERT
  • / Die Nikolaikirche mit dem angestrahlten vergoldeten Krönchen in weihnachtlicher Stimmung
    Photo: Dirk Herrmann, GSS Siegen
  • / Das Krönchen überragt die umliegenden Häuser auf dem Siegberg
    Photo: Dirk Herrmann, SIEGEN PULSIERT
  • / Der Siegener Markt mit Nikolaikrche (Krönchen), historischem Rathaus und KrönchenCenter
    Photo: Karl Heinz Althaus, Gesellschaft für Stadtmarketing Siegen

Situated on the market place in Siegen, the church of St. Nicholas was built in the 13th century and was once the parish church of the counts of Nassau.

The church of St. Nicholas is part of the City Tour.


The members of the protestant line of the House of Nassau-Siegen were interred here before the construction of the royal tomb. The hexagonal layout of the central building is unique in Germany and the building design is essentially Romanesque. The church's most precious possession is a baptismal font dating from the 16th century and made by Peruvian silversmiths which is still in use today. The coronet on the church steeple was bestowed on the parish in 1652 by Prince Johann Moritz of Siegen-Nassau. The gilt coronet has become the town's landmark. St. Nicholas' church has been the main parish church of the town since the Reformation, remaining protestant almost continuously throughout. User
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Updated: December 02, 2019

Getting there

57072 Siegen, Krämergasse 2


Parkhaus Rathaus/Markt (Hinterstraße)

Die Kirche ist nur 140 Meter (3 Minuten Fußweg) vom Parkhaus entfernt

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St. Nicholas' Church

Pfarrstraße 2 
57072 Siegen
Phone +49 271 4041474


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September 13, 2018
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