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ROTHAARSTEIG TRAIL “Wisentpfad” (“Wisent path”)

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300 450 600 750 900 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 Klettergebiet "Kapplerstein" Sonnenhof - Hofladen und Hofcafé Fledermaustollen "Hinter'm Homberg" Natur-Erlebnis-Spielplatz "Kleiner Wisent" Wisent-Hütte Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig Wanderportal Jagdhaus Forellenhof Wingeshausen

A hiking route with picturesque views and an exciting animal world to delight young and old. Delve into the world of the bison and follow the trail of these majestic creatures.

13.5 km
4:00 h
318 m
318 m

Bison can be seen roaming free in Wittgenstein and are the inspiration for the 13.5 kilometre long “Wisentpfad” (Bison Path) hiking trail in Wingeshausen.

Thanks to a nature conservation project that is unique in Western Europe, the robust animals have been living in the Rothaar Mountains since 2013 and roam free through the forests of the Royal Family of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

The Wisentpfad (Bison Path) leads over soft, sometimes very narrow forest trails and invites you to go on a tour of discovery. Small wooden panels branded with bison lead through diverse forests to the Rothaar Ridge.

The “Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig” (Bison Wilderness on the Rothaarsteig) offers a special insight. A second herd of bison is at home there. The Wisent-Pfad (Bison Path) runs from Wingeshausen via the Rotharr Ridge to Schmallenberg-Jagdhaus through the picturesque Ihrige and Pfade valleys in the Bockeshorntal valley back to Wingeshausen. 

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It’s worth visiting the Wisent World on the Rothaarsteig (with entry fee), with the adventure path! User
Kathi Langer
Updated: August 30, 2019

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676 m
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455 m
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Rest Stop

Hotel Jagdhaus Wiese
Hotel Gasthaus Tröster
Sonnenhof - Hofladen und Hofcafé
Forellenhof Wingeshausen

Safety information

Wisente am Rothaarsteig - Tips on behaviour 

Unlikely but possible: free-roaming bison are living in Siegen-Wittgenstein and the bordering Sauerland once again. Bison are not dangerous and as a rule you won’t even see them. Nevertheless, you should stay a safe distance away from the wild animals and should not disturb them!

Information on the rescue boards on the Rothaarsteig

Hiking trails are usually far from communities and settlements and every hiker has worried at some time about what would happen if there was an emergency. How can I be found here? Where am I? Can I contact the rescue service?

In serious cases, however, this has to happen quickly! Because of this, so-called rescue signs have been installed all along the Rotharrsteig. The green and white plaques that have been attached to the signposts show the number you have to give when making your emergency call. This tells the rescuers exactly where you are, allowing valuable time to be saved.


Sturdy shoes, weatherproof clothing and sufficient food and drink are recommended for a hike on the Wisent path.

Tips, hints and links

Refreshments along the route:

  • Sonnenhof Wingeshausen
  • Wisent Hut
  • Hotel Jagdhaus Wiese
  • Schäferhof Jagdhaus
  • Forellenhof Wingeshausen

Next Information:


Marking: three markings (a bison fired in wood, the black R, logo of the world of wisps on a white background)


“Sonnenhof”; alternative: Jagdhaus (hunting lodge), Wisent World (479 m)
51.066695, 8.282640
32U 449735 5657486


At the start: “Sonnenhof”; alternative: Jagdhaus (hunting lodge), Wisent World

Turn-by-turn directions

The start and destination is the “Sonnenhof” restaurant above Wingeshausen. Three symbols mark the route: a wisent burnt into wood, a black “R” and the Wisent World logo against a white background. The first stage of the route up to the Wisent World already offers a wide variety of landscapes. It consists of soft forest paths and narrow trails that have been specially laid, and which are also of interest for young hikers and nature explorers. Along the way, you follow a route that leads to the Rothaarsteig hiking trail. After around six kilometres, you reach the Wisent World. From here, follow the three kilometre-long circular route in the viewing enclosure - in the tracks of the largest land mammal living in Europe, the wisent. The viewing enclosure looks nothing like a wildlife park. You climb over tree trunks and rock formations and cross streams. Now, hike back to the “Wisent path” Rothaarsteig track, which takes you back to Aue-Wingeshausen. First, a short stretch takes you towards the hunting lodge via the Rothaarsteig trail. From the hunting lodge, turn off to the right and descend into the valley, past a large meadow, an open space created by the “Kyrill” storm and a burbling stream. At the picnic area in Bockeshorn, the path takes you through a meadow and along the Bortlingbach stream to the Forellenhof (trout farm), where you return to the “Sonnenhof”.

Public transport

Public transport friendly


Bad Berleburg-Aue Train Station, approx. 800 m from there on foot to the Westertal car park


Kappler Mühle bus stop, 57319 Bad Berleburg-Wingeshausen, approx. 200 m from there on foot to the Westertal car park

Getting there

Coming from Bad Berleburg or Erndtebrück via the L553 to the centre of Aue, then via the K42 in the direction of Wingeshausen/Jagdhaus, coming from Schmallenberg via the K42 until the end of Wingeshausen; Alternatively: Wisent-Wildnis car park, Weidiger Weg

By car: An der Bracht 50, 57319 Bad Berleburg; Weidiger Weg 100, 57319 Bad Berleburg


Parkeerplaats Westertal bij het sportveld, Casimirstaler Weg 1 in D-57319 Bad Berleburg-Wingeshausen.

Parkeren bij de Sonnenhof, An der Bracht 50, D-57319 Bad Berleburg, hier staan voldoende gratis parkeerplaatsen ter beschikking

Parkeren bij de wisenten-wildernis/wisenten-hut - Weidinger Weg 100, D-57319 Bad Berleburg - hier staan voldoende gratis parkeerplaatsen ter beschikking

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Katja K.
August 27, 2019 · Community
Ein schöner Rundwanderweg mit abwechslungsreichen Wegarten und ein paar netten Aussichten. Die Markierung ist perfekt. Es gibt einen wunderbaren Rastplatz. Leider habe ich kein Wisent gesehen. :-) Als ich dort war, musste ich teilweise noch über Schnee und Eis, was das Ganze etwas aufregender gestaltete. Ich werde sie bestimmt nochmal bei schönem Wetter laufen. Mein Start- und Zielpunkt war das Hofcafé Sonnenhof, wo man lecker Essen und Trinken kann nach dem schönen Naturerlebnis.
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Done at February 17, 2019
Rebekka Weber
July 14, 2018 · Community
Landschaftlich tolle Route mit guter Beschilderung. Das Wisentgehege ist schön angelegt und einen Besuch wert.
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Wolfgang Rauscher
March 30, 2017 · Community
Die Rundtour ist sehr gut zu erwandern, da sie über viele Pfade und schmale Wirtschaftswege verfügt. Eine abwechslungsreiche Landschaft mit naturbelassenen Bachläufen, herrlichen Ausblicken und Informationen am Wegesrand. Viele Rast- und Einkehrmöglichkeiten. Besonders zu empfehlen ist die SGV-Schutzhütte Aue-Wingeshausen und die Wisenthütte.
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28.03.2017 Ihringebach
Photo: Wolfgang Rauscher, Community
28.03.2017 Bortlingsbach in Wingeshausen
Photo: Wolfgang Rauscher, Community
28.03.2017 Bergbaustollen
Photo: Wolfgang Rauscher, Community
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13.5 km
4:00 h
318 m
318 m
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